Earworms, love ’em or hate ’em

music notes Earworms are great fun. Well, at least they are when you’re getting mildly annoying or flat out horrible songs stuck in your coworkers heads. I’m particularly fond of planting Village People earworms or even still the fabulous “It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday” in their ears. Occasionally I give my coworkers enjoyable earworms like when I kept singing Boomshakalak. They were pretty entertained by that.

For some reason last Friday, the Journey song Lights burrowed itself in my brain.

When the lights,
go down
in the city.
And the sun shines on
the bay.
OOOhh I wanna be there,
in my city.
Whoa Oh Whoa.
Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa Oh Whoa.

Okay you get the idea.

Sometimes earworms are inconvenient and embarrasing. I’m known for always saying there is a song for everything. Well, when they caught the second suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombings, while everyone else was making Jaws jokes, no matter how much I tried for it not to, I couldn’t stop I’m on a Boat from running through my head.

My current good earworm on permanent replay is JYJ’s song In Heaven and an old DBSK song Mirotic. Unless you’re a k-pop fan neither will be familiar. I guess they remind me of Boys to Men and New Kids on the Block–lots of harmonizing, and call and answer style of singing. And of course handsome fellas singing passionately about love lost or risqué love sells it.

The thing about earworms is that if you really want to get rid of one, it just requires that you listen to another song until it goes away. So since a good friend, who was excitedly talking about going to a Barry Manilow concert, just caused Looks Like We Made It to get stuck in my head, I’m going to take my own advice and replace it with the Inception soundtrack.


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