Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

airplane flyingA long time ago, my great grandmother escaped from Barbados. At least it’s my assumption that’s how she felt. I don’t know her actual reasons for stowing away on a boat and going to another country. To have the strong will to plan that out and implement it as a 16-year-old, well I’m thinking her personality may have been too big for a small island. It makes me think of the book Small Island by Andrea Levy. Sometimes an island can be as claustrophobic as a small town when you’re dreaming big.

By all accounts, Great Grandma didn’t sound like the type to follow the rules and roles of a woman of her era. It’s not how I remember her, but she probably had mellowed by the time I knew her as a child—after all she was in her 90s by then.

Anyway, it’s a bit ironic that when I needed to escape I went to Barbados. It’s got the ocean, beaches and lush countryside—for a city dweller a perfect place to escape to, not from. Through the eyes of a visitor with family ties there it’s hard for me to imagine anyone wanting to leave such a beautiful country in such a drastic way. I know I’m seeing a modern and a wealthier Barbados, surely far different from when Great Grandma left, but even the rural, poorer areas looked picturesque to me. Typical tourist talk, I know.

My escape was short-lived, but inspiring. Her’s took her on a journey to two more countries before settling on another island—Manhattan.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. leon barber

    Hey, my grandfather “escaped” from Greece when he was 16 and came to this country.  All those who did that were brave people.


    PS   Good seeing you Thursday night.  Went down this afternoon for some art and music—and a beer too.  Will be there tomorrow working.


    1. He sounds like he was amazing, too! At that age, I may not have like some of my parents’ rules, but I sure wasn’t about to venture too far from the comforts of a good home.

      Always great to chat with you. I may see you out there on Sunday if I can get organized!

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