Fashion #FAIL

I am in no way a true fashionista. I don’t solely chase labels and, more and more, I choose comfort over up-to-the minute style. But I do have a a recognizable personal style that’s a mix of designer and high-end brands with items from budget and big box stores.

I remember when I was younger and dying to shop at the United Colors of Benetton. There was this pink and green argyle sweater I would have killed to have, but it was way out of my price range. The quality was high there, so imagine my surprise when last week, my on first visit in years, I discover that the clothes in Benetton were regular priced like White House, Black Market, but were the quality of H&M. Seriously.

Even the on sale, I found out later the clothes weren’t worth the price. What I purchased shrank, even in cold water and most of their dresses and skirts were unlined. Silly me before this even happened I tried return one dress and buy a different one instead, only to discover all sales were final. The whole experience left me feeling cheated. Yes, I should have read the signs if I didn’t want to feel like a fool later. At least when I shop at H&M, Charlotte Russe et al, I know what I’m getting. Which is why, along with Marshalls, they are my go-to stores for finding trends I don’t want to invest a lot of money on.

I felt even more buyers remorse after getting two compliments today while wearing one of my Jason Wu for Target dresses. I regularly get compliments on items from Target that I mix in with other clothes. I was even more pissed off at wasting money on two low quality dresses at Benetton when my dresses from Target and even Old Navy, are as well made, if not better.

Lesson re-learned. Stick with your shopping plan and when in doubt don’t try it out. Just walk away.

H&M Blues

ImageSpeaking of my favorite store for occassionally snatching up trends, H&M, I still feel cheated by them. It’s been two years since I saw this tweet that made me the happiest budget fashionista in the world.

H&M, it’s 2013! Where is online shopping for US? I hate stepping foot in a mall, and do so under duress. Okay that might be extreme, but if you catch me there it’s maybe once or twice a year.

And I’m not the only disappointed one out here. Check out this: H&M falls flat on promise of US online shopping.

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