Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


Winston LOVED popcorn. Whenever I think of focus, I think of this photo with him focused on that bag my mother is holding. Typical of a dog grandma, you just know she gave him some.

And now, focus, as described by The Daily Post.

IMG_6577 IMG_6578

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

    1. I’ve met a lot of people who had them as kids, but growing up I don’t remember seeing any. Mostly I remember cocker spaniels, German Shepard, poodles and Boston Terriers.

        1. They are great. A guy I dated had one that was so well behaved. I got one. His was trained at the police academy. Should have found that our first! Mine was mostly well-behaved. They’re great tho. I work with a schauzer rescue group.

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