Every girl needs a Li Da Ren

Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen

Warning: The cheese factor of the following is pretty high. But I’m a sucker for the best friends fall in love storyline. That’s exactly what you get with the Taiwanese drama In Time with You. This is where I began my detour from Korean drama to Taiwanese drama. It was a great place to start.

Main character and supportive best friend Li Da Ren was a quotable quote machine:

  • “You are a book worth reading over and over again.”
  • “Remember you are not his other option, you should be his only choice.”
  • “If you really don’t meet anyone when the time comes, I will stay with you in a retirement center.”
  • “Don’t worry about being different, you should be proud of being unique.”
  • After being on the phone for at least an hour listening to You Qing badmouth herself when she gets duped by a young guy, he brings beers, literally holds mirror up to her face, then says “I’m here to let you see the real Cheng You Qing. The mirror can’t reflect the most beautiful parts of you. Because only I know those parts.” Then he proceeds to tell her all of her strengths and weaknesses, which even her weaknesses are her strengths in his eyes.
  • “I can’t find another Cheng You Qing like that in the whole wide world who deserves me spending an hour and a half to come here now.”
  • “You must believe you are the Chen You Qing who deserves to be cherished and cared for.”

Seriously, And this was in the span of probably one or two episodes. With that much support and affection, who couldn’t conquer the world?

Every girl needs a Li Da Ren.

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