Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

I recently talked about how being near the ocean makes me feel peaceful and creative. But when I look out to sea, sometimes I think about the atrocious way my dad’s side of the family probably arrived in America; and I wonder about the reasons my mom’s side chose to immigrate here.

When I look out at the sea in the pitch black of night, I wonder about the rather insane men that decided to sail out there before there were lighthouses to show them the way. Men who had a church telling them they were going to fall off the edge of a flat planet. The sea and travel, both good and bad, are inextricably linked for me.

ShrimpIf I really stop to consider the sea, it plays a big role in my daily life even though I’m land-locked. I love tuna, eat lots of salmon and need seaweed for my sushi. Shrimp and lobster tails are also on my favorites list. I definitely need the sea to enjoy meals.

The critters in the sea are funky and fascinating. It’s genius how perfectly they are created to happily live under water.

The sea is also scary and creepy. What happened to the people of Atlantis? What is the deal with the Bermuda Triangle? Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Typhoons and waterspouts—the sea can be treacherous. And of course…sharks!

shark up close
Not a great shot, but if you were this close you’d be a bit shaky, too.

Inspired by The Daily Post.

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