Unusual Holiday traditions

Shoreline Comedy Jam (Photo credit: Keved)

Growing up my family had the same holiday TV viewing as probably every other American. At Easter we watched The Ten Commandments, Christmas all the claymation shows and It’s A Wonderful Life. I feel like in the spring we also watch The Wizard of Oz annually.

I guess if you do something two years in row, it becomes a tradition. For the second year my family watched a marathon of Key & Peele episodes together during Thanksgiving week. It started last year with me showing my mother Obama’s Anger Translator skit. She liked it and so did my older brother. We found ourselves watching a couple more episodes. And then we had to go meet up with my dad and other brother at a shopping center. When we came back we started watching again. Because of all the cussing I didn’t think my father would like it, but he was laughing hysterically along with the rest of us. And suddenly we had finished seasons 1 and 2.

We added another show that’s not exactly all holiday happiness. This time we watched all three seasons of Luther. And we all became big fans of that ride or die chick, Alice.

What’s your unique holiday tradition? Do you get bored with holiday traditions or thrive on them?

Chatter is welcomed!

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