She was legendary, Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou
By Office of the White House (via NPR, courtesy of the White House) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Today we lost a truly phenomenal woman, author and poet Maya Angelou. And even though we knew she was in her 80s, it was still a stunning thing to hear today. I remember meeting her once and her voice was so captivating even just saying hello, that I stammered something and walked away feeling like an idiot for not saying something more clever at this once in a lifetime chance.

All day long I’ve seen her quotes making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, and news media. It’s a fitting tribute that even though she’s left us, her words never will. Her voice never will. Her ideas and passions will remain with the world.

When I was a young person trying to express myself through poetry, along with Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou was someone I tried to emulate. Sometimes I wrote really good poems, many were pretty awful. But I wrote them anyway. Not for an audience, but more for therapy. Angelou was a person who shared herself with the world through her writing. Her death made me what to share the younger me’s attempts at poetry.

Olympic Gold

You’ve waited a lifetime
Your fans only two weeks
The Olympic gold awaits you

Every eye focused on you
America’s hopes
Placed on your slim brown shoulders
Stand tall, the Olympic gold awaits you

Talent and hard work sustained you
For years you’ve struggled and won
The pressure was immense
Strangers dreaming through you
Be strong, the Olympic gold awaits you

Not far from home
You did your first show
“She’ll win.” we said
Gold shining in our eyes
Skate on, the Olympic gold awaits you

Roaring crowd waves the flag
You enter the arena
Slicing the ice with your magic blades
Be proud, the Olympic gold awaits you

The moment has come
Silence screams around you
Nervousness etched in your jaw
Tension radiates from around the world
Begin, the Olympic gold awaits you

Bells ring
Arms outstretched–reaching. . .
Legs take off
Feet land
Blades skid

Dreams break
Falling like splinters of ice
You do a spin and watch
The glittering gold placed on another
Press on, life’s gold awaits you

2 thoughts on “She was legendary, Maya Angelou

  1. leon barber

    Yes we did.  I never met her, but I was standing in the crowd of thousands when she read “On the Pulse of the Morning” at Clinton’s inaugural.


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