Day 1: A song featuring your name

I once worked with a group of women who all had old songs with their names in the title:

  • Michelle by The Beatles
  • Shannon by Henry Gross
  • Laura by Christopher Cross
  • Sweet Betsy from Pike by ??? (Yeah, it’s pretty obscure)

I felt so left out. And then some old head reminded me about this song Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells. Technically it has my name in the title, but it’s not about a lady named Crystal. And then I found this gem, Crystal by BW, which is perfect for me since I loved Hawaii and the reggae music I heard there. Plus it’s about a relationship that’s ended. Story of my life!


I do like the laid back vibe of Tommy James and the Shondells so here that is, too.


From A Better 30 Day Music Challenge



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