Day 8: A song that was the first bought with your own money

I don’t really know the answer to this. Back in the day I wasn’t trying to buy music when I could easily record it off the radio. Or get a mixtape from my brother who DJ’d. Or just share among friends. Based on the cassingles* I still have (that’s right I can’t throw music away) from the things I move, unpack,  but never use bucket, I’m guessing it’s Deon Estus’s song Heave Help Me.

Heaven Help Me by Deon Estus (featuring George Michael)


*A Cassingle was a song on cassette tape. Sometimes it would be two versions of the same song or a b-side song. It was iTunes before there was an iTunes. And considering the mostly crappy music I grew up with (but still enjoyed) buying most albums wasn’t worth it unless it was someone like Prince or Michael Jackson.

From A Better 30 Day Music Challenge

5 thoughts on “Day 8: A song that was the first bought with your own money

  1. As a huge George Michael/WHAM fan, of course I remember this song. Deon was in the band WHAM, you can see him in several of their music videos. I remember those single cassette tape songs. I had a healthy collection of them myself. Lol:) Thanks for the memories!

    1. I’d forgotten he played the bass in WHAM until I went looking for a music video of the song. My brother used to laugh at me for buying singles. He felt like albums were always the way to go.

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