Why I could never be a K Drama Heroine

This post is too funny. If you’re a k-drama viewer you’ll probably find yourself nodding along. Thanks Oana for sharing this!


1.  The wrist grab drag would quickly be resolved by a kick to the back of the knee and subsequent boot stomping.



2. I am a poor working class woman and I’m weird but I’m not stupid or cheerful or just go along like a sheep, especially in the face of adversity.


3.  I am a poor working class woman and I do not have designer label clothing or the latest cell phone.


4.  I’m pretty sure when the crazy ex/wannabe gf and/or crazy controlling relative tried to intimidate me/ruin my life/simply insult me, after I stopped laughing,  I’d say yeah….see ya, I don’t need your drama, thanks.  Especially the relative, cause you know, crazy relatives tend to never go away.  Dramapeeps, if you remember anything I’ve ever said, remember 2 things:  1)Do not go into a relationship thinking you are going to change someone and things will…

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