I don’t want no stinking watch

iPhone 4s
Not my current phone

That’s right Apple, for the first time I am not drooling over a new product you’ve introduced. I don’t want no stinking watch. What I do want is for you, Apple, Inc., to give me back my seamless, trusty, iOS and iWork experience for all my devices. I want upgrades that don’t crash my “aging” (i.e. 2 and 3-year-old) devices and disable apps crucial to my work or personal life. A gold-colored MacBook and a watch can kiss my hiney.

Earlier this year, Apple reported its net income rose to $18 billion, higher than both Apple and Wall St. had projected. It is great news since this is a brand whose products I’ve relied on for years. But 20 years since buying my first Apple computer, I’ve become less of a brand advocate in the last couple of years. Sure, I still use the products both at work and for personal use. But I’m not likely to brag and boast about how I can just upgrade my system software without hesitation. Instead of wholeheartedly saying this product is not just beautiful to look at, it’s easy to use, I’m more likely to say weigh out the pros and cons of Apple and another product.

True Apple has given us amazing hardware in recent years. But that seamless experience I’ve come to expect is no more, at least not for devices that aren’t the newest. And let’s face it no many of us can afford to buy a new phone, tablet, computer, Apple TV and all their accessories brand new every 6 months to a year.

My ecosystem is Apple-based and so it’s easier for me to stay with it. But instead of the confidence I previously had for the products, it’s more of a “lesser of two evils” mindset. I can no longer laugh as Windows users struggle with an upgrade that doesn’t work with their apps or their word-processing program menu changes for no good user-friendly reason. When I see an upgrade is available I wait for all the early adopter guinea pigs to go for it and tell the rest of us what the bugs are associated with it.

I’m glad Apple is still a viable company many years after it was given it’s first eulogy. I want to be a brand advocate again. I just wish instead of giving me a new gadget every 6 months to a year, that that windfall they just got would be put toward a focus on improving the system software and native apps like Pages.

Please stop forgetting your brand evangelists’ needs while you go after the South American and Asian markets!

If this LG phone ever becomes available in the U.S. I might just quit iPhone and get YoYo or Eggy. This definitely speaks to the quirky, child in me that just wants to have fun.

I’m not the only one who feels like this about Apple. Here’s another view. The chorus is getting louder.

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