Happy to be a loose woman

I’ve loved fashionable clothing and shoes for as long as I can remember, but I’ve finally arrived at the point in life where no matter how much I like a trend or style, I’ll pick comfort first over fashion.

Ironically as I sit at my desk wearing a item of clothing today that happens to be pretty un-comfy, I came across an article on the BBC website about how fashion over the centuries has literally killed people. One of the first items mentioned was the corset.

…it spawned the term ‘strait-laced’, lending a Victorian respectability to its wearer, as well as ‘loose women’ – implying that those who were corset-less had morals as free as their lacing.

-From Fashion Victims: History’s most dangerous trends

I’ll gladly take the stigma of being a loose woman rather than suffering from the following ailments associated with corsets: “corsets caused indigestion, constipation, frequent fainting from difficulty in breathing and even internal bleeding… inhibited breathing.” Not to mention collapsed lungs and kidneys. Yikes! Personally, I don’t think Spanx or girdles are any better. My aunt used to say ladies don’t leave the house without wearing a “foundation.” That was code for a girdle and a bra with enough lift to get you to outer space. Alas, please take my lady card. Comfort rules.

Deep curtsy at a debutante ballRead about other times when fashion went horribly wrong including my favorite — crinoline fires. Made me look at my debutante gown in a whole new light. Pun not intended.


3 thoughts on “Happy to be a loose woman

    1. Thank you! It was enjoyed wearing that gown and letting the hoop underneath stick to the floor when you curtsied. Being a southern belle is kinda corny, but was fun. It amazes me what human beings will wear for fashion’s sake at the detriment of their own health.

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