Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony at High Five

Recently attended my second High Five Conference which is all about the many ways marketing and creative people can work in harmony. One of my favorite parts of the conference is the recaps of the talks posted up after each session. They are simply incredible. Here’s several examples:

Bigger Bolder Braver session at High Five Conference

The recaps do something I do most days at my job — try to marry words and images to give the readers/viewers a great experience and the information they need. Because I work on the Web, I have to make both the words and images also live harmoniously with the functionality of a website. These recaps do a great job of harmonizing information visually and verbally.

Okay, I just have one nitpick. I saw way more fist bumps than high fives happening at the conference. Maybe the fist bumpers should start their own conference!

Find more harmony at The Daily Post.


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