Let the games begin!

Dancers at the 2016 Rio Games Opening CeremonyAfter umpteen years of being a fan of the Olympic Games I had this thought: I would like to see coverage of the Games through the eyes of another country.

I’d like to see them from the perspective of one of the smaller countries or one that only sent two hands full of athletes. Some place where there are no expectations other than to compete and experience the spirit of the Olympics. No doping worries because not winning means not getting a big endorsement payday later. I bet it would feel less commercial. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Maybe I just want to recapture my youthful innocence about the Olympics.

I don’t want to watch NBC’s broadcasts. Ratings dictate that they’ll show only the events that are most popular with American audiences. And if you’re a cord-cutter or semi cord-cutter like myself*, you don’t get to see the other channels that are showing the less popular competitions. As a child, seeing sports I didn’t normally get to see during the Olympics (and The Wide World of Sports show) developed my interest in new things. It also led me to look for the location of countries on my globe and read more about them in my family’s treasured Encyclopedias. I don’t want time delayed or rearranged to fit primetime or advertiser schedules. I just want to watch as it all unfolds in real time, especially on the weekend.

I guess when your country sends 500 plus athletes there’s not enough air time for each one, so hoping to see much about the other 10,500 athletes or their countries is asking too much.

Well despite the delay of broadcast, Rio 2016, your Opening Ceremony was a blast!

*If you have starter TV (24 channels) which costs around $27 per month with Time Warner Cable, you sometimes don’t get to watch even regular network channels or their live stream app on other devices. 

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