Dear International Olympic Committee

Dear IOC,

You have got to let NBC go. And demand that the next network you partner with joins the 21st Century of digital technology the way people want it.

Take a page from the National Football League. Don’t stay with the same network. Have a different host from the 4 major broadcast networks for each Olympics.

NBC is killing you. Their outdated mentality, annoying morning show hosts, tape delayed coverage and lack of understanding on how to use the apps they have, is a huge problem for true fans. Their model of coverage is not helping to cultivate budding fans of sports other than gymnastics, swimming and basketball. NBC has gotten complacent and lazy in their coverage.

Please, for the love of the Games, break up with them and date everyone.


A fan from way back who’s losing the will to try to keep watching

PS: It’s 11:25 on a Sunday night. The results for the women’s gymnastics competition have been all over the Internet. The kids who want to watch have to be in bed because, hey, the first day of school for some is tomorrow. Oh well.

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