Thankful Thursday: Financial help


St Patrick's Day hat with four-leaf clover
Turn your money “luck” around

About to get on my soapbox for a minute. It’s been on my mind.

Don’t be too embarrassed to seek help from a trustworthy and credentialed financial counselor.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to show all your failures, ignorance and the life events that impacted your finances negatively to a stranger. Laying it all out there asking for help isn’t easy. But I know for me it was the best thing I ever did despite all the tears when I had to hear hard truths and realize, hey, maybe you’re not so smart Miss Smartypants.

There are so many variables in life that can lead to financial strain like a job loss, a serious illness ot divorce. In America, we live in a culture of blaming folks in financial difficulties as if all people arrived in the situation only because they’re irresponsible.

Our culture that likes to believe that people pull themselves up by their own bootstraps to achieve success. Meanwhile ignoring the factors like privilege and socioeconomics that give some people a headstart in the race and others extra hurdles to overcome.

We’re not born knowing how to manage money and the game changes all the time. The advice someone gave you 100 years ago might not hold water today. The game changes to keep poor folks poor and middle class folks teetering on the line. It’s just sensible to figure out where you are and get professional help to get back up, stay on track or rise up!

I’m thankful for the financial counselor who helped me get my ship back afloat. Just like a snowball affect of things sent my finances rolling downhill, likewise a snowball effect of people, opportunities, dedication and hard work all moved my moolah back in the right direction. I’m thankful for them all.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Financial help

  1. Lady G.

    I wish I’d been taught better to manage money, I’m only just learning on my own now. I’m pretty much back to square 1 with funds but I see no shame in getting financial help if I need it in the future. Budgeting can be hard!

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