Drama for the snowbound

Whether you have a Boo, a Bae, an Oppa, a Noona or you’re flying solo, these dramas are just right if Snowmaggedeon has you stuck indoors and in snuggle mode.

Love Rain

Just start at episode 5 and then watch 6 for the beautiful cinematography capturing winter in the mountains of Japan. Yoona and Jang Keun Suk are at their best in this show while sparring and falling in love. This might not be Oppa’s style, but he can go shovel while you prepare your own hot springs for him for when he’s done.

My Love from the Stars

If you gotta hide out from a Paparazzi lynch mob and a psycho killer like Jun Ji Hyun, best do it with your not-so neighborly resident alien (played by Kim Soo Hyun). This one also has gorgeous cinematography whether you’re in our alien’s incredible multi-level condo or on a nighttime date at the local amusement park. Bonus: Joseon era costumes and storyline for even more lovely moments.


Booed up with a sportsy Oppa? You’ll get hockey and romance all-in-one in this Japanese drama. Hard to top a date on a Zamboni with Kimura Takuya, lots of game time action, fights and a classic first snow confession.