Unlikely trendsetters

album cover
Oppa is Gangnam style.

In my 40-something 30 plus years on this planet, I think I can safely say I’ve never been on the front end of a breaking trend–until now.

I first heard about the song Gangnam Style from a tweet by actor Jang Keun Suk back in July. The next day, Allkpop tweeted the video. I instantly loved the little kid dancing, elevator guy, yellow suit guy and the riff on action movies, and of course the big personality of PSY. I still can only pick out a few Korean words and phrases. So while I didn’t know what he was saying, I could see the “wink, wink” inside joke as he parodied standard video and movie scenes. He was fun. Originally I liked the video better than the song. But it’s infectious.

A week later, I dared to post it on Facebook. I didn’t think my friends would understand or find it nearly as entertaining as I did. After all, I know I’m pretty alone in my k-pop / kdrama addiction for my age group. But my equally quirky and smart cousin and a good buddy from my grad school days got it. And then after a period of quiet, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Suddenly, Gangnam Style and PSY was everywhere. EH-VER-REE-WAY-ER.

  • At the end of September, in my white bread neighborhood, a white guy in a convertible was unabashedly blasting Gangnam Style.
  • Yesterday, while jamming to a radio station from the Dominican Republic, yep, right in the middle of Cumbia and Rumba, the DJ busted out some Gangnam style.
  • And just now while watching the Patriots game, it’s playing during a game break.

On the one hand, I love that others embraced it despite the language barrier, but now I think I understand those grumpy hipsters who get cranky when their favorite band gains commercial success.

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