3-seconds Love Rain *SPOILERS*

If you intend to watch Love Rain, you’ve been warned. Spoilers galore.

three couplesIn Love Rain, three really is the magic number. Our hero Seo Joon is nicknamed 3-seconds for his ability to get a woman to fall for him in three seconds. (He has several other not-so complimentary nicknames because he’s such a playa, but we won’t go there.)

Seo Joon’s father, Seo In Ha, fell in love with his first love in 3 seconds.

Our oh-so innocent heroine, Jung Ha Na, doesn’t fall in love with Joon in three seconds. But I’m convinced she really should be the one with the 3-seconds moniker. Ha Na gets the ultimate playboy Joon to fall in love with her in three seconds when they meet in Japan.

As a matter of fact, she should probably be called Triple Ha Na. She has three men who fall in love with her–Joon, Joon’s best friend Lee Sun Ho, and her own classmate and best friend, Tae Sung. Ha Na also gets Joon’s trio of employees–Cho Soo (photographer’s assistant), Charles (stylist) and In Sung (cafe worker)–on her side whenever she and Joon argue or break up.

When Joon and Ha Na are in Japan, Ha-Na’s misses him three separate times when trying to get him to return her lost cell phone.

The show features multiple, overlapping love triangles both during the 1970s love story of In Ha and Ha Na’s mother, Yoon Hee, and the modern day love story of Joon and Ha Na.

Heart-warming, heart-breaking and heart-felt. Those all describe the very beautifully done Love Rain.

I could probably pull out more triples. But my three seconds are up.

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