Key & Peele go Pro Bowl

This skit never gets old. This is the Key & Peele I adore.   ***SPOILER ALERT!*** I knew he was the real A. A. Ron!!

Thanks for asking

Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, notorious for hating press conferences, delivered two of the most fun non-answers and fans are running with them like crazy. Thanks for asking. and then at the Super Bowl Media Day this gem: I'm just here so I don't get fined. Today everyone at jobs all over America rolled in the …

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Win or loss? NFL settlement with alumni

When I heard the news about the NFL settling with the former players for $765 million I didn't know how to feel. On the surface it seemed like a win. But it was disappointing that more wasn't provided for continued research and development of even better measures of safety. And it doesn't feel like the …

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