Turkey Day in the NFL

Dear Roger Goodell, I have an idea for next Thanksgiving. How about you let all of the bird teams play the Thanksgiving Day games. Wouldn't that be fitting? The line up could go like this: Baltimore Ravens vs Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta Falcons vs Seattle Seahawks I guess the Arizona Cardinals can just play the Miami …

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He said it, coach didn’t hear him

A friend pointed out that Marshawn Lynch repeated this enough, so much in fact, it became an Internet meme: "You know why I'm here." Someone apparently did not know.

Deflate gate, whatever. Go Patriots!

New England Patriots fans have had it hard again lately. Just when we've started to enjoy winning again and making it back to the big game, shenanigans have brought back the term Cheatriots. From a deflated chocolate football that sold for $20,000 to a deflated version of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, we've taken some pretty good …

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