Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

When I saw this little boy I thought: He could be Mozart or Schroeder or the next Stevie Wonder playing his future masterpiece. This idea was a masterpiece—a work of art. During Artsplosure 2013, Executive Director Terri Dollar came up with the idea to scatter several pianos, including these toy ones, throughout Downtown Raleigh. They …

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I’m on a boat!

Boats of all sizes and shapes. From catamarans to cruise ships, boats show us a city, a park, the ocean view or pull you on skis. These are a few that do those things. Ever since I saw this song on YouTube, whenever I see a boat it's what goes through my head: I'm On …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

The Farmer's Market returning to the center of the city just like an old time village is a big thing lately. There's nothing like real fresh local vegetables, fruits  and meats for us urban dwellers.