Playful Kiss, K-pop and more

Playful Kiss (aka Mischievous Kiss) is the second Korean drama I watched. I definitely got hooked! The story has a sweetness and goofiness about it that I really loved. In later episodes, the main couple really started to remind me of the Desi and Lucy relationship from the I Love Lucy show. This drama is my favorite of all I’ve watched so far.

The third show I watched, My Princess, grew on me, but was not that great. Sometimes just watching the eye candy is enough to stick with a show I guess. Although all the repeated heavy sighing by the leading man (and in PK the constant crying of the leading lady) made me want to stab my eyes out. I’m on my fourth show now called Pasta. So far Pasta is mediocre too, but like any soap opera or reality TV show, you sometimes somehow find yourself sucked in even when you don’t particularly like a show. You just want to know how it ends.

What I found out recently was the first two dramas I watched were two of the most popular of this genre and top notch. So I set the bar high unknowingly. I hope I stumble upon others that are equally as good as Playful Kiss and BOF.

Deepening the obsession

Three side effects have developed from this K-drama obsession:

  1. I’ve reverted into a teen girl with a crush who scours the Internet for news and information about the actors and music from both Boy Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.
  2. I’ve become interested in another music genre–k-pop, particularly the boy band ballads. (yeah, I know. Sooo lame.)
  3. I’m trying to learn to speak Korean, so that maybe one day I can watch without having to read so much. Plus I need something new to challenge my little gray cells.

Options for viewing Koreans TV and Movies

Netflix: Watching subtitled shows on is great because the words are large and there are no commercials. You can stream to your TV and watch on several devices no matter where you are. Most of the time not matter what device you view it on, the show will start where you left off. Of course there is a monthly fee, but if you already have Netflix, there is no extra cost.

Viki: Second for good viewing is They are the people who translate the shows and provide the subtitles you see on Netflix and Hulu. Here the subtitles are very readable, there are no commercials and watching on the site, your iPad or iPhone is free. Unfortunately there is no ability to stream from to your TV. Also, not all of the shows available on the website are available to view on mobile devices. They have the most current shows. [Correction: No commercials when viewing on the mobile apps, but commercials when desktop viewing.]

Hulu: has a great many of these shows available to watch, currently more than Netflix offers. The downside with Hulu is most don’t stream to TV even if you pay for HuluPlus, there are many commercials, and the subtitles are small. But Hulu Support assures me they are working to improve the size of the subtitles.

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