Going Crazy with Block B

My current song on repeat: Nanrina (Go Crazy) by Block B. When I first saw the video of this live performance via a tweet by @allkpop, I was hooked.

So much energy! I remember thinking there were so many dudes on stage it was like a Wu Tang show. Who all is in the group? I wondered. I later discovered it was a seven-member group and I also already owned a song by them called Halo (hah-low).

Yeah, I had to get past the nonsensical goo-goo, ga-ga verse, but really is that any worse than Waka Flocka Flame? It does fit the whole King Kong, gorilla going crazy theme. Okay, the “I’m so special” boy, umm, well, I don’t know.

The comments from squealing teenage girls “misunderstanding” of U-Kwon’s Korenglish thinking he was saying I’m so hard instead of hot made me laugh, but I’m sure if that was my teenage daughter I wouldn’t find it that funny.

I was very surprised by the lead rapper Zico’s skills. Even though the performance was highly choreographed, much like our boy bands over here, it still felt authentic. Curious to see if Zico and Po were real deal rappers, I started digging and found this snippet of Zico doing freestyle. I’m impressed with Zico, Po and Kyung’s rap abilities in Korean and English.

Here’s the music video version of Nanrina with the translation. Not a strong rap, but definitely a boastful one along the lines of Kool Mo Dee or LL Cool J back in the day. As an SEO nerd my favorite verse is “I’m a real-time popular searched keyword, bro.”

And then I found this “happy” song from when the group was debuting. It’s definitely pop, but I really like the rap parts. And Zico’s dredlocks are too cute. Too bad he went blonde.

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