Drama detox done

Well that didn’t last long. And neither did the time I spent watching the 16-episode K-drama Wild Romance. Even as I type this, I can’t figure out how I finished it so fast when it seemed like I just started. I was surprised that I liked this one. I didn’t have high expectations based on the description and at first the lead actress was getting on my nerves (I think I make this complaint about every show I watch). The mystery behind who is threatening the professional baseball play, played by Lee Dong Wook, became very interesting. My pick for whodunit was wrong, but the payoff was still good. The secondary romance between the girl’s quirky best friend and the oh-so robotic PR Director for the baseball team is fun to watch. I think I was rooting more for them, than I was for the main characters’ romance.

There was an unintentionally bittersweet moment on the show when the head of the bodyguard company hired to protect the baseball player confessed that his big dream was to one day be the bodyguard for Whitney Houston. This show finished airing just shortly before her death, but what a great and unexpected shout out to her and the movie The Bodyguard.

I don’t know if the romance was wild, but the mystery had some real creepy characters and that was wild. There was one loose end related to the mystery that would have been nice to have wrapped up at the end. It was introduced in episode 15 or 16 and then–nothing. (Trying not drop a spoiler here.) Wild Romance was a pleasant way to pass time. It was nice to see Lee Dong Wook again after his hiatus to complete mandatory military service.

side note

Since I can’t read the credits, I don’t know if K-dramas have a Continuity person on the production staff. If not, this is a job that truly needs to be added! My brother, who studied film and TV production, always sees stuff that I don’t notice. But, with these shows, I’m noticing inconsistencies that I don’t normally notice. For example, in one shot a girl will be wearing gloves and in the same scene, shot from a different angle, she no longer has gloves. Or the time of day changes too fast. I guess these inaccuracies happen consistently enough that now my eye is unconsciously looking for them.

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