We Favor–Doppelgangers

This post began as a separated at birth one based on two actors I’d seen recently. Then coincindentally just as I was writing it, someone showed me photos taken by a Canadian photographer who is doing a project about Doppelgangers. I have fun with my separated at birth posts, but it’s truly fascinating when unrelated, unconnected people look exactly alike. Resemblance vs. Doppelganger. Also known down south as you favor so-and-so.

Resemblance Across Race

I first saw actor Lee Hyun Jae while watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band this past summer. Then around Christmas, I started seeing promos for a Hallmark movie Christmas with Holly. I kept thinking the lead actor looked familiar, but after checking IMDB, he wasn’t in anything I’d watched regularly. Then when I happened to be writing about Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I made the connection that in this particular movie the actor, Sean Faris, looked similar to Lee Hyun Jae–like what he may look like in five years. I also realized while searching for photos that it’s a resemblance that’s hard to capture because it also included their mannerisms along with looks. But here are a few.


Brunelle’s Doppelgangers

“If you believe that every person in the world has a doppelganger — that other human being who looks just like them, eerily so — then Francois Brunelle has found 360 of them, and counting.” So begins an article by Katie Kindelan about this interesting project of people who aren’t related but strongly resemble each other. A gallery of the photos are on Good Morning America’s website. It’s particularly striking when he dresses them alike or they’re of a different gender.

Ageless Resemblance

While watching A Gentleman’s Dignity and To the Beautiful You, I also thought that going by looks Choi Minho could have convincingly played Jang Dong Gun character’s teen son. I could picture Choi Minho looking like Jang Dong Gun when he reaches his 40s–aging from cute young guy to still handsome manly man.

My Own Doppelganger

Over the years I’ve always been told I look like Stephanie Mills. Beyond height (I’m 5 ft, she’s 4 ft 11) and our noses, I don’t really see it. But it was funny to be asked for her autograph and once hounded by someone who genuinely believed I was her trying to be incognito while waiting for a MARTA train.

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