JYJ Korean music group
Junso, Jaejoong and Yoochun

It always sucks when a band or musical group you like breaks up. It’s even worse when there’s lots of drama involved. I still think DBSK / TVXQ as a unit of five is the best. There is something about the balance of five voices harmonizing that feels so right. After listening to the duo TVXQ and the trio JYJ’s music, I have to say JYJ wins.

TVXQ Korean duo
Yunho and Changmin

TVXQ may have kept the majority of handsomeness, the powerful vocals of Changmin and the best dancer of the bunch in Yunho, but lost the good music. There was one song I liked, Keep Your Head Down. And that was because the music reminded me of what an HBCU band would play for a half-time show. When I heard the song Confession which I also liked, I kept thinking how much better it would be with all of the five voices. It was the kind of song I would have bought, if they’d all been singing it. I couldn’t muster interest in the rest of TVXQ’s albums since the big breakup.

JYJ gained the other two powerful vocalists from DBSK–Jaejoong and Junsu. Yoochun chose well in making the move with the J’s. His strengths flourish with them. And I’m not just saying that because I’m such a big Yoochun fan. The music on their three albums is superior to TVXQ–more soul, more harmonizing, more variety.

I liked the R&B feel of DBSK and JYJ took that part with them. I wish the best for TVXQ. They have plenty of fans who loved the new album, so they’ll be fine. With the legal wrangling with S.M. Entertainment finally over, I’m team JYJ all the way. Fighting!

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