The mysterious Lunar Sea

Cartoon version of BOF cast

BOF Main CastThis artist is a mystery to me. She has no website, no Wikipedia entry — just images that you have to stumble upon or doggedly search for on the Web. I first came across her (I’m only guessing female because of the subject matter) when I was looking for images while watching Boys Over Flowers (BOF).

I found this cartoon drawing of the cast which was a cool replica of the original poster. Then I found other drawings she did of the characters from BOF. What I find interesting is how through her art I realize she was not just a fan of that show, but became a fan of actor Lee Min Ho.  When I began looking to see if she did cartoons of other dramas. That’s when I found that she did, but usually only if Lee Min Ho was in them.

Here are a few of her extended cast versions for BOF.

Sadly, I haven’t seen anything new from her in a while. Now that he’s starring in The Heirs, I wonder if she’ll pick up the pencil and paint and bring us more cute illustrations or has she left this phase of her life behind.

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