Go BatKID! Save us all!

Batman and Batkid from www.dailymail.co.uk - 634 × 412 - Search by image
That proud stance says it all.

A coworker today out of the blue began telling us about seeing videos of hoodlums just punching random strangers in the face and then laughing about it. Four of us pretty much talked about this trying to figure out why are human beings so psychotic for no good reason. Around and around the conversation went and we all walked away feeling pretty glum.

But then something really amazing happened.


One of the people in that conversation shared a link to the live feed of a 5-year-old named Miles getting his Make-A-Wish request to be Batman and save Gotham come true. An entire village came together to turn San Francisco into Gotham City and make it happen. First Miles, aka Batkid, saved a damsel in distress who was tied up to a bomb on the cable car tracks. Then he stopped The Riddler from robbing a bank. Next, he rescued the San Francisco Giants mascot Lou the Seal from that villainous Penguin (@penguinSF). In the end, he even got the key to the city from the mayor.

And the entire country was cheering him on thanks to Twitter, Instagram and probably a billion other social media.

On days when I feel like the human race is an unredeemable lot of thugs and idiots and we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, I’ll remind myself of this moment when people were doing something decent. Not for personal gain. But just so a kid could realize a dream.

I hope he conquers his illness. Just like he conquered all of our hearts today.

Check out highlights from the day at The Los Angles Times.

By the way San Francisco–you absolutely rock! I see why I used to dream of living there.

Image from The Daily Mail

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