I’m done being a diehard Apple supporter

I’m a former fangirl turned angry customer. After this recent security flaw was disclosed Apple continues to do nothing to help its customers get a critical fix to a problem they caused. Apple owes it’s loyal customers the opportunity to choose not to upgrade, but provide them access to the upgrade for the system they are currently on, not the system Apple desires them to be on. I have valid reasons for not upgrading my devices to iOS 7. As a customer, I should not be forced to choose between having a necessary security fix or upgrading and having to use devices that are slow, buggy and unreliable for my everyday needs.

It can’t be that hard for Apple to allow customers who are eligible for iOS 7, but who have chosen to remain on iOS 6.1.3, to be given access to iOS 6.1.6 which includes the new security fix. That’s all I’m asking for. Don’t force us to upgrade to iOS 7 and crash our devices just in an attempt to get the security we deserve.

I definitely have been called a fangirl of Apple. I didn’t care because ever since I used my first All-in-one Mac in 1988, I was sold on the product, the technology and the company values. Being called a fangirl was a badge of honor, not an insult. I NEVER thought I’d see the day where I regret all of the money, brainpower and effort invested in maintaining my fabulous, seamless Apple ecosystem. That day is here.

I rely heavily on my iPhone and my iPad to keep work and home operating seamlessly, and when I travel. When iOS 7 arrived, as is my custom, I waited until the bugs and kinks were worked out before I upgraded. I can’t have the devices I rely on disrupted. Several months later, the problems still seem to be problems and so I opted to continue to run my iPhone 4s and 2nd generation iPad on iOS 6. My contract isn’t up for a while on my phone so if upgrading the OS slows it down or breaks it, I can’t afford to get another phone. 

I don’t know that I’ll ever trust this company to put it’s customers first instead of it’s bottom line from now on. But guess what Apple? If you put your customers first, it would go a long way to fattening up your bottom line in the long run. Until you do right by me and the others like me out there, I’ll no longer make you my automatic first choice the next time I’m on the market for mobile devices.

6 thoughts on “I’m done being a diehard Apple supporter

  1. Other than an i pod gathering dust I’ve never chosen Apple, must as they are sleek sexy beasties! I prefer the better cameras on the sony phones I’ve had and I recently bought a samsung tablet for when I don’t want to sit at my PC.

    1. They’ve been great for seamlessly keeping my home products synced and since I’m Mac-based at work keeping that synced too. The best part was easy maintenance. Only once ever had a crash serious enough to take in for repair to an Apple store. And in a funny way they’ve saved me money over time. But the lack of customer care is killing it. I will consider Samsung devices when my contract is up later this year.

  2. Wow, I’m fascinated by your fierce loyalty to a brand. I use Apple products… but what interests me more is the concept that an electronic device can become part of our identity. The seamlessness becomes the connection between the product and our human existence. Life without Apple?

    1. It’s funny because I always thought of myself as brand immune in most things. But from that moment (I think it was 1989) when a Mac saved me from a failing grade and was so unexpectedly easy to learn and use, I was sold. When it came to the early computers, as a person who used both PC and Mac platforms I literally could see how much easier and aesthetically pleasing it was to use a Mac over a PC. When the Newton was announced (it was like an iPhone–way ahead of its time) I couldn’t afford it. Seeing the iPhone years later was like realizing that dream of owning a Newton.

      It would be interesting to see studies that tackle that idea of “The seamlessness becomes the connection between the product and our human existence.” For me that seemed to happen without even realizing it. As a worker in a both creative and Internet fields it seems as if Apple is closely tied to identity.

      1. Thank you so much for your very interesting response. I’ve never heard of the “Newton” but I loved the comparison you made about realizing your dream when you got your first iPhone. As a filmmaker I’m increasingly intrigued by this subject matter. Perhaps there’s a film to be made that takes Spike Jonze’s HER to the next level of “hybrid human existence.” Would love to stay in touch with you if a creative project alongs these lines might be of interest to you? Best wishes, m

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