Day 26: A song from an overrated band/artist

Considering my sketchy musical tastes I don’t feel qualified to call anyone overrated, but here goes.

Any time you place the words manufactured, choreographed, pretty boy and band in the same sentence, someone will call that band overrated. So let’s travel to Korea to listen to one of the biggest K-pop boy bands in the world: Super Junior.

I frequently see many of the groups from SM Entertainment called overrated. ELFs will cuss you out, send you death threats (maybe poison you) or spam you for calling SJ overrated. Many of the members are multi-talented (they play instruments, write songs, MC, act), others know their roles and stick to them. I like Super Junior’s ballads the best, but I’ll let you be the judge.

From U by Super Junior

Note: Four of the 12 members are missing from this performance. Probably either because of mandatory military service or an acting gig.

From A Better 30 Day Music Challenge

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