Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

a red door
This simple red door was meaningful because it brought together two of the languages I have studied — French and Korean — and two worlds I rabidly absorbed myself in at various times in my life. It reminded me to refocus on my heart’s goals and not to let go despite roadblocks. To try, to persist, and have faith — all of that from a simple red door.
woman at top of hill
This second photo is pretty bleh. It’s meaningfulness lies in how exhausted I was, but how I pushed through my physical limits because I very much wanted to take photos of the view from a specific angle.
I’m far less fit than I used to be and had been running uphill to get to a path I thought might be safer than the one I originally chose. This forced me to walk extra just to get back to the location I was going to. To get the photo I still had to go even farther uphill. I was winded and my legs hurt, but I made it and got great photos. When I sat to rest, I met a couple who spoke Spanish (the husband spoke a little English) and we chatted. It was like a bonus reward, because it’s always a pleasure for me to try to communicate despite language barriers.

A long walk back downhill awaited me and I had missed my bus. So wind blowing and rain showers creeping closer, I took this commemorative selfie to remind myself, “I did it!”

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

  1. Lady G.

    Beautiful. I love the deep wine/cranberry colors, and here how it looks against the building. And very inspiring stories to go with the photos. 화이팅 Hwaiting!

    1. I liked that color contrast, too. Even among all the really fabulous architecture around it, it’s simplicity made it interesting. You would think when I got to the top I’d have yelled 화이팅, but I actually said Yatta yo, which is Japanese for I did it. 😄😄 I only know a handful of Japanese phrases. True story, later that day I met a nice Japanese couple at a museum. Foreshadow?

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