Are Korean media outlets relaxing their standards?

For a system that has many restrictions on South Korean performers and performances, it’s interesting what some get away with yet others get stopped for doing. The rules seem unfair.

I recently saw the new 2 PM video A.D.T.O.Y (All Day Thinking of You) and was astonished to find that none of the major South Korean networks such as KBS, MBC, or SBS had banned that video, or made the group change any lyrics or choreography before performing on the usual round of music programs. Yet, when Mirotic by DBSK came out in 2008, the group was forced to change the lyric, “I’ve got you under my skin.” to “I’ve got you under my sky.” What?! According to Wikipedia “… the Korean Commission of Youth Protection ruled that Mirotic was detrimental to youths and declared that the lyrics were provocative and overly sexual.”

Have they not listened to the lyrics of A.D.T.O.Y? Did they miss the crotch grabbing and other suggestive movements in the video? The women draped seductively on every last guy? The intense (by Korean standards) kissing, the shirtless guy in bed and a girl who is clearly peeping out from under the covers? How about that girl wearing only a man’s shirt early in the morning at breakfast–clearly she spent the night.

So here are some of the lyrics to A.D.T.O.Y

My head is drunk with thoughts of last night
I can’t sober up, it’s all because of you,

I’m going crazy, I want you
I want to have you, I want to touch you
I’m falling for you, deeper and deeper

My body and my heart endlessly want you
Like a child who was sucking on candy but taken away
I’m going crazy, whatever I do, I can’t focus
What exactly did you do to me?
It doesn’t make sense that I’m being like this

Your passing by touch makes me crazy
You make me not able to move
You ride and flow from my head down my neck
Ride and flow from my head down my neck

When you look at me, it feels like electricity is flowing down
When you touch me, I close my eyes and breathe in your scent
I feel like I could fly, it seems like my body and heart are burning
From the moment you appear, I go crazy

Now let’s look at the Mirotic lyrics:

At the start, you were sweetly, naturally attracted to me
You stepped up to me and told me it would forever be like that
All the possibilities, opened up Oh~

You want me, You’ve fallen for me, You’re crazy over me
You can’t escape I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You’ve fallen for me, You’re crazy over me
You’re my slave, I got you under my skin

The piercing stare that burrows into your head
It’s not me, my still chrome heart
It’s the road you chose Oh~

Running through your veins, flowing through you are millions of my crystal
Finally it has started, the end of my metamorphosis
Isn’t this also love? Oh~

Together with one time’s kiss~ The day is fresh- a strong pull
The second kiss, your heart felt hot and about to explode
Yeah~ I got you! You know you got it!
Yeah~ Come on! Come on! I got you- Under my skin

Here’s the A.D.T.O.Y. video

And here’s the tamer Mirotic

Yep, someone was asleep at the censorship switch. I’m glad they were and I’m sure Hottest are too!

3 thoughts on “Are Korean media outlets relaxing their standards?

    1. Gotta love the ships to liberation! I kind of like that they have standards. It’s nice to watch TV shows and videos that aren’t heavy on sex and booty shaking at the club. It’s a fun break from the stuff on TV in America. On the other hand I wholeheartedly am against censorship. Even if I don’t like all the cussing and objectifying women, at I love that we have the right to make it and show it if we want.

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