Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

“This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.”
 Balcony room
It’s a pretty good feeling to know you literally have a roof over your head every night. Even better if it’s a home of your own. The cherry on top for me is having a spacious outdoor room that I can “live in” for the majority of 12 months. It’s a luxury to have in a city. Most new condo and apartment buildings in my area are getting what New Yorkers and other older cities have: tiny Juliet balconies.
Bonus: Then there’s the whipped cream on top of the cherry — my flowers blooming!

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Extreme buyer’s remorse

I know I’m notoriously finicky when it comes to home decorating and style, but I’m having such a bad case of buyer’s remorse with my sofa selection. AGAIN. How could this happen twice in a lifetime?!

I’m kicking myself because it’s not rocket science. If you know you really want a modern style, don’t shop at a place that doesn’t do modern well, if at all! Common sense I should have used.

I could easily resell it. It’s a piece most people would like. The difficulty is getting someone to get a heavy queen sofa bed back out of a low-ceiling walk-up that has the most awkward angle imaginable.

Today is a day I’m learning to swallow a bitter pill and instead be more grateful than I am feeling.