Bathroom functionality: Where gender matters

Having recently moved into a new building, it's clear that more women need to be at the table in all aspects of the process of new spaces, from A to Z whether it's architecture, engineering or design and inspection. Especially the details of design. When one gender isn't there to give its unique input, functionality and usefulness suffers. …

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Said wrong

Lately I've been noticing people botching old sayings such as these both verbally and written: All intensive purposes, but really it's for all intents and purposes. Bare with me when really it's bear with me. At my widths end, but really it's at my wits end. Sigh.

It’s Pi Day!

That's right Pi (Π) Day the annual celebration by nerds who know and the rest of us pretending we know. So you know that means we must do this. C'mon, sing it with me: It's Pi Day, Pi Day, Gotta get down on Pi Day... Some genius created this website to explain Pi Day to the …

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