What’s in the white box?!

Okay fanboys and girls. Get your popcorn ready; Apple's about to put on a show.http://www.apple.com/live/Where to watch or listen to it. Then watch as your money and credit cards leave your wallet to head straight for the nearest Apple Store — on your phone, iPad, desktop or storefront in the real world, and hand themselves over in …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic II

Since I've been participating in a music challenge this month featuring mostly older music, I thought I'd share another relic of our musical past. This phonograph now sits in the Sunbury Plantation House and Museum. When I saw it, I imagined the more "modern" young adults dancing and loving the equipment, while their parents and grandparents sighed heavily …

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I’m done being a diehard Apple supporter

I'm a former fangirl turned angry customer. After this recent security flaw was disclosed Apple continues to do nothing to help its customers get a critical fix to a problem they caused. Apple owes it's loyal customers the opportunity to choose not to upgrade, but provide them access to the upgrade for the system they …

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