An alien talks UFOs in LA

There was so much chatter about the random lights flying in the sky over LA last week, I got up the courage to ask my coworker his thoughts on what happened. Although Al has been the Intergalactic Consulant for a couple of years at my job, it's still kinda scary to approach him. He's very quiet and I …

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To hell in a hand basket

Funny how with all the chit-chat about the VMAs in all my social media feeds and on the news there wasn't a mention of the actual musical performances. It was all about Miley's outfits, Kanye being Kanye, Bieber bawling and some beef with Nicki Minaj.  Remember when we were all like oooo Britney Spears has a …

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Everything’s coming up rainbows today

I went in to do some writing today and saw WordPress also celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling on marriage.